Change is inevitable but growth is optional.

ARMCON Industries was born out of the opportunities we came across whilst working towards growing-out existing businesses in the tech, entertainment and property sector as part of the Connoco Group of companies.

As a team we believe that opportunities are endless if you are open to executing them.

Our experienced team now oversee and run the companies interests which range from cattle farming in South East Asia to Property Development.


As most successful businesses will know, growth and sustainability do not happen overnight and our founders are no stranger to overcoming challenges and the hurdles that come with out-the-box thinking and innovation.

"Don't be afraid of the challenge ahead...it won't be the first or the last. Each challenge you face is a lesson no one can teach you." - Francesca Armstrong

"The biggest reason people fail is because they loose sight of what they are trying to achieve." - Tim Connor



Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Armcon Industries.


His corporate and technical background combined with calculated risk-taking spirit have been monumental in developing the business in emerging markets.

Tim’s entrepreneurial journey started at just 9 years old, turning his hobby of building and fixing computers into his first business, long before everyone had apple support.

Now a veteran entrepreneur, he heads up the company’s investments and is passionate about growing communities alongside commerce.



Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Armcon Industries.


Across the past decade she has built out and headed up teams across Europe, USA and Asia. No stranger to the hard work that comes with start-ups and building businesses in developing markets, they now operate in most continents across the globe.


Francesca has started training programs across Bangladesh and other developing countries empowering young people and women, bringing them out of poverty through education and the ever-changing world of work the online doors have opened.



London - United Kingdom

Dhaka - Bangladesh

Madrid - Spain

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